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This sticker is a subtle joke poked at the people who shake in fear at the idea of a 'Gay Agenda'. It's also perfect for the queer planner-lover in your life (especially if that's you!) The design is a simple rainbow-striped planner with the words 'weekly planner' written on its cover. 

The rainbow is based on the original pride flag created by Gilbert Baker in 1978. The bookmark ribbon and the closure elastic are black and brown, in homage to the black and brown stripes added to the Philadelphia pride flag.
Dimensions: 2.75 inches x 2 inches or 7.0 centimeters x 5.1 centimeters.
Stickers are printed in the United States with eco-friendly inks and processes.

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Gay Pride Sticker | The Gay Agenda | Pride Flag | Waterproof | Vinyl | Matte

SKU: st10
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